Environmental Studies at UVM

Fall 2013 Energy Action Seminars

 The UVM Clean Energy Fund and 

the Environmental Program bring you 

Energy Action Seminar 

Renewable Energy in Vermont & Beyond 

 Cosponsored by the RSENR, the Gund Institute & CDAE 

A weekly seminar series exploring ways to get to 90% renewable energy in Vermont by 2050. Featuring world-class speakers on policy options, political controversy, costs and benefits, activism, and jobs. Free and open to the public. Get educated about Vermont’s energy future! 


Vermont's Comprehensive Energy Plan: 90% by 2050! 

Asa Hopkins, Vermont Public Service Department


Energy Planning on Campus: The Role of Universities 

Gioia Thompson, Office of Sustainability, UVM 

Aaron Witham,  Green Mountain College


Renewable Energy & Vermont's Working Landscape 

Brian Shupe, Vermont Natural Resources Council

Annette Smith, Vermonter’s for a Clean Environment

Adrian Ivakhiv, Environmental Program, UVM 


Energy Independence: A European Model 

Soren Hermansen, Samso Energy Academy, Denmark 


Central Government and Democracy in Energy Decision Making: China and Vermont

Frederick Weston, Regulatory Assistance Project

Joan White, Gund Institute of Ecological Economics, UVM 


Transportation: The Elephant in the Room 

Chapin Spencer, Burlington Dept. of Public Works 

Karen Glitman, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation 

Stephanie Kaza, Environmental Program, UVM 


Solar City: Green Mountain Power’s Energy Vision for Rutland, Vermont 

Mary Powell, Green Mountain Power 


Growing Renewables: Policy Tools & Programs 

Alan Nogee, Formerly Union of Concerned Scientists

David Blittersdorf, AllEarth Renewables


The Energy Revolution

Tim DeChristopher, Energy Activist, (see film Bidder 70) 


Energy Justice: Powering the World’s Poor 

Lakshman Guruswamy, University of Colorado 

Michael Dworkin, Vermont Law School 


California: On the Front Lines of Renewable Policy 

David Hochschild, California Energy Commission 

Chris Recchia, Vermont Public Service Department★ 


Paths to Change: Entrepreneurs, Activists and Political leaders 

Tony Klein, Vermont House of Representatives★ 

Beth Sachs, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation 

Duane Peterson, SunCommon 

Liz Edsell, Vermont Public Interest Research Group 

 * 85 South Prospect Street, Burlington, VT. Transportation and parking information: http://www.uvm.edu/tps/ 

Special time and place! 7:00 pm, Ira Allen Chapel (26 University Place) 


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11/1/2013: Burlington Free Press articles on Tim DeChristopher event, Activist DeChristopher explores ways to 'build a new world' and "Climate activist DeChristopher brings to Vermont his call to halt fossil-fuel development

10/28/2013: Tim DeChristopher visits campus with a full-day schedule before doing his talk on the "Energy Revolution". He visits Amy Seidl's ENVS 001 class (250 students), has lunch with representatives from UVM's student activist groups, and meets with some local members of the press.