Environmental Studies at UVM

ENVS 295 Environmental Peace Movements

All too often environmental concerns have been framed as issues of resource scarcity that in turn lead to conflict. Instead, this course will attempt to understand how environmental concerns can be used as a means of peace-building and improving ties between nations. We will begin with a review of theories of conflict and cooperation from political science, economics and ecology. This will be followed by a review of key case studies of environmental cooperation from all over the world. The class will be divided into groups that will follow each case study through the semester and prepare research assignments on that case, culminating in a detailed paper on the topic. We will be using a book recently prepared by the Woodrow Wilson Center called "Environmental Peacemaking" (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2002) an anchor text supplemented with readings from various sources.





Will not be taught in the near future

Breadth Requirement: 

International (INT), Social Science (SS)