Environmental Studies at UVM

ENVS 204 SL: Creating Environmentally Sustainable Communities

This service-learning seminar considers the process of creating communities which are environmentally sound, economically successful, and socially just. Students gain an understanding of sustainability from conceptual and operational points of view and become familiar with successful sustainability initiatives at the local, national, and international levels. They then complete a term/research project for which they write and videotape a Sustainability Story on an individual or group in the area who serves as a Sustainability Exemplar or Role Model (with the possibility of being included in Sustainability Stories: A Field Guide to Sustainability in the Greater Burlington Area) for others to follow or emulate in bringing about the transition to more environmentally-sustainable communities. They help make the concept of sustainability come alive, make it more concrete, humanize it, put a face on it. Readings, seminar discussions, several short papers, term project.





Spring, Service Learning Course (SL)


ENVS 1, 2, Senior standing major, coordinate major, or minor in Environmental Studies

Enrollment Limit: