Environmental Studies at UVM

ENVS 197 STS Community Organizing and Activism

This Students-Teaching-Students (STS) course will explore the history of social and environmental activism in the United States, and how organizing techniques can shift paradigms and affect systemic change. This course aims to develop students into capable organizers by teaching the hard skills necessary for effective organizing and providing a place for students to implement these skills through a service learning project. The overall goal of this course is to equip students with the skills necessary to become community leaders and carry out successful campaigns, whether they are environmental, social, economic, political, etc., while providing the historical context for such actions. Students will be expected to fully participate in and be prepared for weekly discussions, step out of their comfort zone during skills trainings, and work individually and in small groups on campus or local community on a campaign of their choosing. They will be evaluated not on the campaign results but on their process and willingness to engage with the material. We welcome students of all backgrounds and disciplines, and those with—or without—organizing experience! Prerequisite: ENVS 001 and 002, or permission. Enrollment Limit: 15. For more info, contact Francesca Hall, fahall@uvm.edu.


Tyler McFarland

Francesca Hall




Fall, Students Teaching Students (STS)


ENVS 001, ENVS 002 or permission

Enrollment Limit: