Environmental Studies at UVM

ENVS 195 Vermont Food Systems

Food - it feeds more than just our body. It provides sustenance to our communities, our cultures, our economies, our environment and our pains and pleasures. The intricacy with which it weaves itself into the many spires of our world’s existence is profound. The study of this weave is the study of the food system. We are in a time, when more and more people are becoming interested in the food they eat, the journey their food takes, and the implications of food on a social, political and environmental level. But what exactly is a food system, and more intriguingly, what is YOUR local food system? This seminar-based course will take an in depth view of food systems with special focus given to the Vermont food system. This course will increase your capacity to think critically and identify opportunities and barriers to healthy, vibrant food systems. You will begin to look at the food system from environmental, economic and social vantage points. The course will include in-depth consideration of topics ranging from stakeholder and consumer preferences, federal and state policies, food safety and land access. We will aim to touch on all components that are involved in or affect the process of getting food from field to fork, from soil to selves. We will approach these topics by reading reports, peer reviewed articles, scholarly texts, and other sources. Classes will be composed of a combination of lecture, discussions, writing, and small group work.


Jessica Sanford





Breadth Requirement: 

Social Science (SS)


One environmental course, sophomore standing.

Enrollment Limit: