Environmental Studies at UVM

ENVS 195 Permaculture Fundamentals

This is the second of a two-part course for a total of 5 credits. You must be co-enrolled with PSS 156 Permaculture. Taken together, these two courses fulfill the requirements for an internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certification Course. Part one, ‘Permaculture’ will cover the theory of permaculture design, including the history of permaculture and ecological design, Permaculture Ethics and Principles, and explore the application of Ecological, Anthropological, Ethnobiological, and Evolutionary Sciences to agriculture and human ecosystems, the built environment, and social and economic organization (‘invisible structures’). We present a whole systems approach that integrates plants, animals, buildings, people, communities, economies, and the landscapes that surround us through careful analysis and thoughtful design. Students explore various food production, energy production, waste management, and shelter systems, and assess their potential for integration to meet human needs while improving ecosystem health. Students enrolled in Part II, Permaculture Fundamentals (PSS/ ENVS 195) must have successfully completed Part I, Permaculture (ENVS/PSS 156). No one will be allowed into Part II without previously completing Part I, ideally in the same semester. Enrollment Limit: 20.



Keith Morris




Fall, Spring, Summer

Breadth Requirement: 

Natural Science (NS)


Co-enrollment with PSS/ENVS 156 Permaculture

Enrollment Limit: