Environmental Studies at UVM

ENVS 195 Introduction to Ecopsychology

Ecopsychology expands the focus of psychology to include the human relationship with the natural world, placing all psychological and spiritual matters within an ecological context. It thereby aims not only to develop a truer picture of human psychology but also to draw attention to the psychological dimension of the ecological crisis. In this sense, ecopsychology is an ecological transformation of psychology. This intensive course introduces students to the full sweep of what is currently meant by ecopsychology, covering the field's psychological, philosophical, practical, and critical/political dimensions. Students will participate in personal explorations of the human-nature relationship, including a field trip to a nearby wilderness setting. They will be evaluated based on a) attendance and class participation, b) a reflection journal on the class readings, c) an ecological autobiography, and d) a final project due 3 weeks after the final class. No prior formal knowledge of psychology is necessary.






Spring Break Course

Breadth Requirement: 

Humanities (HUM)

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