Environmental Studies at UVM

ENVS 195 Environmental Cooking

The goal of the class is to better understand your personal food system and to cook and eat to help meet your needs for a safe and nutritious diet, while ensuring that food production systems are environmentally sensitive, economically viable, socially responsible and sustainable over the long term. By the end of this course you should be able to: 1.Gain critical thinking skills about the complex dynamics of food that has been grown, procured, prepared, and eaten using a sustainability framework. 2.Connect this knowledge of that relationship to your own food, and to the global environment in which you live. 3.Learn basic culinary skills in order to cook for yourself. This course will use an experiential approach, meaning through your action we will begin to understand the multifaceted, varied, and important ways cooking and eating help us understand issues of sustainability. Program fee $135. Includes weekend field trips. See Registrar’s SOC listing for dates/times. Cross-Listed with 2 sections of NFS 195. Enrollment Limit: 16, for total course enrollment of 32.





Fall, Summer


One environmental course, sophomore standing.

Program Fees: 

Lab Fee: $135

Enrollment Limit: