Environmental Studies at UVM

ENVS 195 Careers In Environment

“So, what are you doing after you graduate with that ENVS major?” This one-credit winter session course aims to assist ENVS seniors in answering this question and to support and empower you as you approach the threshold of commencement and seek environmentally-related work in conscious careers and livelihoods. A range of activities will challenge and help you assess and represent well your background, values, knowledge, skills, and experience to successfully direct your employment search toward appropriate and rewarding work that serves the social and environmental challenges of our times. Expect readings, journal writings, career and graduate school exploration, discussion board participation, revision of your ENVS 151 job search tools (resume, cover letter, etc.), and then a final self-assessment and strategic plan toward and beyond graduation to employment.





Winter Break Course, Spring, Online Course, Will not be taught in the near future


ENVS major, senior standing, recent graduates or permission.

Enrollment Limit: