Environmental Studies at UVM

ENVS 184 Sustainable Transportation Planning

The United States is the most auto-dependent country in the world. In this class we examine our automobility, reviewing how we got here, some of the ramifications of this dependence and what it suggests for our future. The course has three primary objectives: 1) examine the underlying causes of U.S. automobility and present trends using transportation planning data and other approaches and perspectives, such as personal narratives, travel music and movies 2) develop grounded solutions to reduce automobility and increase sustainable solutions that provide mobility and access, and 3) engage students in transportation issues. The environmental and energy impacts of auto-dependence will be explored in depth and the class will focus on several future-oriented policy solutions that include switching transportation fuels, reducing driving or switching travel modes (walking, biking, public transit).







Breadth Requirement: 

Social Science (SS)

Enrollment Limit: