Environmental Studies at UVM

ENVS 181 Race, Class and Garbage

This course examines environmental waste through a social justice lens: how racism, sexism, classism, prejudice, and power are intimately intertwined with environmental pollution. Powerful companies create, handle, and dump toxic waste in the neighborhoods of the politically weak, people of color and the poor; corporate mines leave native lands radioactive; “recycling” takes place in other countries without adequate protections for human health and the environment. This course looks at aspects of environmental waste in the context of the environmental justice movement and activist motivations and campaigns. We will look at case studies in waste-related issues of environmental injustice for various underrepresented peoples, and some promising examples of successful organizing and resistance. We will also examine theoretical frameworks for understanding environmental justice conflicts at the structural level. Prerequisites: CDAE 002 or ENVS 001 or ENVS 002 or NR 001 or NR 002. Enrollment Limit: 25.







Breadth Requirement: 

Social Science (SS)


CDAE 002 or ENVS 001 or ENVS 002 or NR 001 or NR 002

Enrollment Limit: