Environmental Studies at UVM

ENVS 150 Into to Tropical Agroforestry in Nicaragua

Students will travel to Nicaragua for a two-week study in the practice, application and design of agro-ecological systems. Focus will be on the agro-forestry systems that are being managed on the Island of Ometepe by organic coffee growers and the experimental agro-forest and Permaculture site of Project Bona Fide. Special focus will include: home and commercial food systems, indigenous forestry practices, medicinal plants, ethno-botany, silvo-pastoral, microclimate development, fuel and fiber crops, community development, as well as Permaculture and its role in multi-strata agroecosystems. Students will gain an understanding in agroforestry practices worldwide including examples and application techniques for temperate climates such as Vermont. Along the way students will visit fruit markets and villages as well as many sites of geologic and archeological importance. Travel and enjoyment of areas of unique natural beauty will also be featured! Cross-listed with PSS 195.






Summer, Travel Course

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