University of Vermont

Professional Development and Training

Class Actions

Recommended Pre- and Post-Class Actions

To get the most out of Professional Development and Training classes, we highly recommend that each participant engage in pre- and post-class reflection and conversation with their supervisor. Listed below are some suggestions to get you started.

Pre-Class Action – for the Attendee

Discuss the following with your supervisor before the class:

  • Identify how this class relates to your specific job responsibilities
  • Talk with your supervisor about opportunities for growth and development related to the learning outcomes
  • Identify three personal goals for this workshop

Post-Class Action – for the Attendee's Supervisor

Discuss the following with your supervisee after the class:

  • Talk about objectives and outcomes of the class
  • Identify their takeaways and situations where they can apply the content
  • Give feedback about how your supervisee is demonstrating specific behaviors since attending this class



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