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Writing with the Blackboard Wiki Tool

A wiki is a website where multiple pages are linked together and which can be edited by multiple authors. You can create multiple wikis in each Blackboard course. The wikis are self-contained within the course, that is, they are not open to the general public.

Why use Wikis?

A wiki is an online way to create documents or projects collaboratively, but you can also create wikis for students to build individual projects. Because it all happens online you can watch the students' progress and students can present or share their work with the class. Wikis track who has contributed to each page of the wiki, what that person contributed, and when. Thus, in a group project, you can have a clear record of who is contributing.

See also: Ideas for Wiki Use

How to set up Wikis

See the Blackboard Wiki How-to page for set up instructions.

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