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Distribute Grades to Students with the Grade Center

The Blackboard Grade Center is where you can:

  • See your class roster
  • Enter grades manually
  • See grades that are automatically generated from a test you have set up
  • Create calculated and weighted grade columns
  • Find the results of surveys
  • View student work submitted via the assignment tool

Grades can be downloaded as a spreadsheet file for back-up purposes or for editing, e.g., if you have grading formulae or requirements more complex than Blackboard can handle. They can then be uploaded back into Blackboard to be distributed to students.

Things to consider

For students to be able to view their grades, you will need a link to "My Grades" in the Course Menu. Note that when students click on My Grades, they can view only their own grades and no one else's.

In order to see the student's view in the My Grades area, instructors and TAs can now use the Student Preview. Read more in Blackboard How-tos.

Getting Help

Important: The Grade Center has a number of features that can be set to accomplish sophisticated tasks, such as weighting grades, dropping lowest, etc. We strongly encourage you to contact our "Doctor Is In" program for help in setting up your grade center at the beginning of the semester.

Grade center help materials and video tutorials can be found in the Blackboard How-to area.

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