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grid of four images representing a variety of graphics and photographyOn this page we list a wide variety of web-based, resources. Many of these repositories offer images that are in the public domain and others have varying levels of permissions for use. We recommend that you check the terms of use on each website.

To read about copyright, fair use, the TEACH Act, and Creative Commons, see Intellectual Property and Copyright.

To edit images, we suggest picmonkey.com or fotor.com.


Search Tip:

» Go to Google Image Search: http://images.google.com.
» To find an image of Lincoln from the Library of Congress,
   type into the search box: Lincoln site:loc.gov
» Another example: Jupiter site:nasa.gov
» And another: Vermeer site:arthistoryresources.net/


General Image Collections

The following collections include artworks and photography, historical and contemporary, spanning topics from architecture and science to objects, people, and the natural world.

Creative Commons Search Page
Portal to search Flickr, Fotopedia, Google Images, Pixabay, and more.

Cornell University Library Image Collections
Image copyrights vary. Some are in public domain, and some copyrights are available with permission

Flickr Creative Commons
Photos: huge mix of historical and contemporary photos (and works of art)

Images shared by photographers and designers

Public domain image archive

Thousands of free photos along with inexpensive professional stock photography

Thousands of free photos and clipart

Public Domain Photos
All photographs available on this site are free for use

U.S. Government Photos and Images
Links to the Smithsonian image repositories, as well as defense, international relations, environment, energy, agriculture, etc.

WikiMedia Commons
A huge source of media files of varying copyright, including public domain and Creative Commons licensed work

Wikipedia Public Domain Images
Another list of image resources

Agricultural and Natural Resources Images

Images of the natural world can also be found in the general collections and
the science collections, below.

National Park Service
Small collection of beautiful, high-resolution National Park photographs in public the domain

NOAA Image Library
Thousands of images spanning centuries and topics such as weather, space, fisheries, animal sanctuaries, etc.

USDA Gallery of Plant Images
The PLANTS Gallery emphasizes photos and line drawings of U.S. plants but also contains many cultivated or foreign taxa

U.S. Bureau of Land Management National and State Photo Library
Wide variety of public domain photos, landscapes, structures, animals, historical and contemporary

USDA Agricultural Research Service Image Gallery
Animals, crops, insects, etc.

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services
Natural resource and conservation related imagery

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services Digital Library
Links to thousands of photos organized by region

Art Images

Images in this categories of art and design can also be found in the general collections, below.

Art History Resources
A rich collection of resources covering all areas of Art History, developed by Prof. Christopher Witcombe

The Athenaeum
Over 90,000 art works

Art Images for College Teaching
Royalty-free image exchange resource for the educational community

Arts and sciences: Access to multiple academic collections.

Bridgeman Art
Low-resolution free images of art and history.

Google Art Project
An archive of 30,000 artworks and growing. These images aren't for downloading, but with a google log in, you can create your own slide shows and share them.

NY Public Library Digital Collections Guide
Portal to a variety of collections at the NYPL

Rijksmuseum's Rijks Studio Project
Vast collection of works that can be downloaded and modified for non-commercial use

Historical Images

Historical image may also be found in the general collections, above, and science collections, below.

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
Maps: Historical

Library of Congress: American Memory
Multi-format collections organized by topic

Library of Congress: Flickr Photostream
Pilot program to open photo vault to public

Library of Congress: Prints and Photographs Online Catalog
Includes photographs, fine and popular prints and drawings, posters, and architectural and engineering drawings

Medicine, Images from the History of
The US National Library of Medicine image gallery

NY Public Library Digital Collections Guide

Shorpy Historic Photo Archive
Photos: Historical

UVM Landscape Change Program
Large collection of historical photos of Vermont

The History Project: University of California - Davis
Nearly 9,000 images from members of US Davis History Department on topics such as religion, civil war, revolution, agriculture, slavery and abolition, imperialism, industrialization, arts and architecture, politics, propaganda, WWII Internment, Native Americans, and revolution.

Wellcome [sic] Images
Historical & Contemporary images freely available images for academic teaching or study use - over 250,000 images

Science Images

Images in this category may also be found in the general collections, above.

Medicine, Images from the History of
The US National Library of Medicine image gallery

- Space related imagery
- "Great Images in NASA"
- HubbleSite
- NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Planetary Photo Journal

National Marine Sanctuaries Media Library
High resolution photos (and video) of marine life and human impact

NOAA Image Library
Thousands of images spanning centuries and topics such as weather, space, fisheries, animal sanctuaries, etc.

U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention
Public Health Image Library - Most images are in the public domain, some have copyright restrictions.

U.S. Government Portal to Graphics Libraries
General Government; History, Arts, and Culture; Health and Nutrition; Environment, Energy, and Agriculture; Science and Technology; Money; Defense and International Relations; Public Safety and Law

U.S. Geological Survey
Topo Maps and Historical Topo Maps; Aerial Photographs and Satellite Images

U.S. Geological Survey Photographic Library
Historical photos of geologic features and events

WikiMedia Commons
A huge source of media files of varying copyright, including public domain and Creative Commons licensed work

Wikipedia Public Domain Images
Another list of image resources

Miscellaneous Graphic Resources

Quirky collection of book illustrations about science, history, obscure visual materials

FOBO: From Old Books.org
Pictures, Engravings & Extracts From Old Books

Gapminder: Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact-based world view.
Visual representations of statistical facts

Old Book Illustrations
As the title describes, these are images from old books, now in the public domain.

State Photo Galleries listed on the USA Government website.
Linking to Flickr photo collections by state

U.S. Government Photos and Images
A portal to vast list of government image galleries


If you are going to link to a video or audio file in a course, you will want to make sure that it is captioned or subtitled. Some of the sites below have captioning available on their videos. If they do not, you can use a web-based captioning application such as Amara.

General Video Collections

"A Knowledge Forum" with a wide range of videos and articles on the issues of today

Closer to Truth
Videos featuring leading scientists, philosophers, scholars, theologians and creative thinkers

Cosmo Learning
Videos on a wide variety of educational topics

Educational YouTube Channels
From Open Culture

EduTube: Thousands of educational videos (via youTube)

European Film Gateway
Portal to 100's of thousands of archives of historical film and ephemera

A growing collection of video tutorials on a broad range of academic subjects

Library of Congress: Webcasts

Library of Congress: YouTube channel

Internet Archive's Moving Images library
Repository of movies and video in the public domain

Online Movie Collection
Several hundred free movies online: great classics, indies, noir, westerns, etc.

National Jukebox
The Library of Congress collection of historical recordings

NBC Learn
Videos of NBC News pieces

National Marine Sanctuaries Media Library
Video clips of marine life and human impact

NOVA Teachers
Videos of Nova programs and short Nova ScienceNOW pieces.

Princeton Media Central A variety of special lectures by authors, journalists, faculty, etc.

RSA Events From the UK, recorded talks by scholars, scientists, philosophers, etc.

Shakespeare at MIT, Global A video archive of performances of Shakespeare from many parts of the world.

The Smithsonian Channel A variety of videos on Science, Nature, Air & Space, Culture, and History.

Snagfilms Documentaries
Documentaries in all categories

Videos of "riveting talks by remarkable people"

Enormous collection of educational talks, lessons, and creative works

UVM Library Streaming Video Resources
UVM Libraries streaming videos collections. To access these sites, you must be on the UVM network, or logged in with the Cisco VPN Client (read more about VPN)

WikiMedia Commons
A database of over 16 million freely usable media files organized by topic

Academic Video

Academic Earth
Videos of academic lectures

iTunes: Berkeley
UC Berkeley lectures - iTunes required (free download)

iTunes: Stanford
Stanford University lectures- iTunes required (free download)

John Locker: Educational Videos from Across the Web

Khan Academy
3,900 videos covering math, science, and humanities for k-12+

Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching

MIT Video Gateway
Lectures at MIT

Open Culture Audio Books Fiction, Non Fiction, and Poetry

Open Culture Science Videos From Astronomy to Physics

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