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2012/13 Recipients and Final Reports
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2010/11 Recipients and Final Reports
2009/10 Recipients and Final Reports
2008/09 Recipients and Final Reports
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Recipients for 2012/13

Brian Lee, Civil & Environment Engineering Program
Training at the American Society of Civil Engineers Excellence in Civil Engineering Education Teaching Workshop

Lutz Kaelber, Sociology
Collective Memory

Darren Hitt, Mechanical Engineering
Structural and Curricular Redesign of ME 80-82

Melanie Gustafson, History
Digital Humanities Project: Phase Two

Walter Poleman, Rubenstein School
Enhancing Place-Based Landscape Analysis Course Through the Integration of Oral Histories

Steve Libby, Rubenstein School
The "Green House"Ecological Citizenship

George Salembier, Education
Case Study Approaches to Preparing Educational Professionals

Sarah Greene, Anatomy and Neurobiology
Incorporating Ultrasound into the Anatomy Curriculum

Jennifer Dickinson, Anthropology
A hybrid Model for Enhanced Student Engagement in Large Classes

Tobey Clark, Medical Laboratory & Radiation
Clinical Alarms Supplement to Medical Equipment Online Courses

Deborah Cafiero , Romance Languages

Recipients for 2011/12

Wes William, Education
Redesign of the Introduction to Persons with Disabilities Courses

Susan Dinitz, English
Creating Online Resources for Students on Writing in the Disciplines Final Report

Jackie Horton, Computer Sci
Designing Pedagogically-Appropriate Materials for a New MATLAB Programing Course Required of all First-Year Engineering Students

Joseph Acquisto, Romance Languages
Redesign an Interdisciplinary Course on Moderity Final Report

Melanie Gustafson, History
Digital Humanities Project Final Report

Doug Dickey, Statistics
Delivery of a Technical Writing Course Using Online Instructional Modules Final Report

Recipients for 2010/11

Amy Trubek, Nutrition & Food Science
Vermont Foodways Digital Initiative

Lutz Kaelber, Sociology
Strengthening the Diversity Component by Addressing the Topic of Disability in the Curriculum

Thomas Patterson, CDAE
Increasing Student Retention Through the First-Year Experience

Christopher Koliba & Asim Zia, CDAE
Integration of Environmental Governance Computer Simulation Models into Two Graduate Level Public Administration Courses

Nancy Welch, English
Working with English Language Learners in Introductory Writing and Literature Classroom Final Report

Stephanie Kaza & Wendy Berenback, Environmental Program
Sustainability Faculty Felllows Program Final Report

Bill Gibson, Economics
Visit to the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan in Dec. 2010 Final Report

Katrinell Davis, Sociology
Understanding Social Inequality in America Through Service Learning Final Report

Recipients for 2009/10

Alex Zakaras, Political Science
Global Justic

Darren Hitt, Engineering
An Intergrated Lab Experience in Rocket Design, Launch and Recovery

David Feurzeig, Music
Improving Teaching Effectiveness in a Large-Lecture Music Fundamentals Course with CAI

Douglas Dickey, Mathematics & Statistics
Analysis of the Efficacy of Online Assessment Final Report

Hendrika Maltby, Nursing
The Virtual Classroom: Enhancing Cultural Competency of Nursing Students in Vermont and Bangladesh Final Report

Lutz Kaelber, Sociology
Disability as Deviance: Expanding a New Sociology/Honors College Course Final Report

Miguel Martin_Caraballo, Biology
Study of Musicle and Nerve Function in Humans

Nicole Phelps, History
Crime and Justice in America, Race and Nation in the Progressive Era Final Report

Robert Bartlett, Political Sciencey
A New Course on Comparative Environmental Politics Final Report

Rona Delay, Biology
Live Tracing of Neural Migration in Early Embryonic Development

Stephanie Kaza, Environmental Program
Sustainable Faculty Fellows Program

Stevenson Flemer, Chemistry
Pre-Lab Videos for Organic Chemistry 26 Final Report

Tyler Doggett, Philosophy
The Ethics of Eating Final Report

Recipients for 2008/09

Alec Ewald, Political Science
Course Design: Race in American Political Development Final Report

Alexander Wurthmann, Chemistry
Pre-Lab Videos for Organic Chemistry 141

Barry Guitar, Communication Science
SmartBoard for Pomeroy Hall Classroom

Chester Parsons, UVM Extension Office
Basic Sheep Production Final Report

Christian Skalka, Computer Science
Curricular Development: Intelligent Systems for Environmental Monitoring

Elizabeth hassemer, Rory Waterman, Chemistry
Scifinder Scholar Tutorial

George Leibowitz, Julie Richards, Social Work
Infusing Global Competencies into Social Work Education

Guillermo Rodriguez, Romance languages
Dialect Awareness Through Video-Casting in Spanish

Larry Rudiger, Psychology
PSYC 001 at UVM: A Digital Asset Management Platform

Lutz Kaelber, Sociology
Disability as Deviance: Developing a New Sociology/Honors College Course Final Report

Paul Hines, School of Engineering
Interdisciplinary Experiential Learning in Energy Systems Final Report

Robert Bartlett, Political Science
A New Course on International Environmental Policy Final Report

Sandra Macleod, Education
21st Century Technology Tools for 21st Century Teaching and Learning

Toddy Pritchard, Nutrition and Food Science
Development of Web Based Streaming Videos of lab Procedures

Recipients and Final Reports for 2007/08

Kathryn Fox, Sociology
Class Use Film Purchase Final Report

Margaret Eppstein, Computer Science
A Novel Computational Science Course for Life Science Majors Final Report

Sarah Abrams, Judith Cohen, Nursing
Integrating Reflective Practice into the Master's Entry Program in Nursing - No Final Report

M. Ahmad Chaudhry, Medical Laboratory & Radiation Science
Assessment of Student Progress with an Audience Response System Final Report

Lutz Kaelber, Sociology
Developing SOC14 Deviant Behavior and Social Control for a Large Class Final Report

Paul Deslandes, History
Interdisciplinary Sexuality and Gender Identity Studies Curriculum Planning Workshop Final Report

J. Tobey Clark, Technical Services Program
Interactive Simulations of Physical Phenomenon for Online and Classroom Learning Final Report

Karen Richardson-Nassif, Family Medicine
Developing Medical Student Cultural Communication Strategies - No Final Report

Jane Petrillo, Com Dev & Applied Economics
A Visual Communications Web Based Workbook for CDAE 15: Design Strategies Final Report

Taras Lakoba, Mathematics & Statistics
Applications of Undergraduate Mathematics to Problems in Science and Engineering Final Report

Recipients for 2006/07

Yuichi Motai, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Visual-based Web Enhancement for Lectures and Laboratories for Large Undergraduate Enginering Classes.

Jan Decher, Biology
New Course Preparation: Issues and Challenges in African Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development

Michael Cannizzaro, Communication Science
The Fusion of Classroom and Clinical Learning in Medical Speech-language Pathology

Alison Brody and Sara Cahan, Biology
Writing to Learn & Learning to Write: A Proposal to Revamp the Laboratory Curriculum of BCOR 012- Exploring Biology

Yves Dubief and Darren Hitt, Mechanical Engineering
Integrated Experimental/Numerical Fluid Mechanics Curriculum

D. Thomas Toner, Jr., Music
Purchase of Mobile Digital Recorder

Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux, Geography,
Expanding the Geography Departments curriculum with a new Service Learning TAP couse on remote sensing

Jeff Frolik, Donna Rizzo, Adel Sadek and Frederic Sansoz, School of Engineering
A Curriculum development laboratory for sensor system courses

M. Ahmad Chaudhry, Medical Laboratory & Radiation Sciences
Co-Curricular Activites for Radiation Science Students

Patricia Ann Fobare Erickson and Frances Kinghorn, Animal Sciences
Development of Animal Behavior Teaching Module

Mary Watzin, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
Video Enhancement of Teaching Capabilities on Research Vessel Melosira

Paul Martin, English
Podcasting in and outside of the Canadian Studies Classroom

Shirley Gedeon, Economics
Class Matters

Recipients for 2005/06

Elizabeth Adams, Communication Sciences
Clinical Training Using Digital Video Technology

Paul Bierman, Geology
Bringing 3-d Visualization to UVM Science and Engineering Classrooms

Lyndon Carew, Animal Sciences
Development of an On-Line Diet Analysis Program

Jane Kolodinsky, Community Development and Applied Economics
Redesigning Instructional Capacity within CDAE to Incorporate Creativity and Innovativeness in the Classroom

Dianne Lamb, Extension
Dining with Diabetes

Kathleen Liang
Creating a Web-based Interactive Learning Center of Entrepreneurship

Paul Martin, English
Assessing the Use of iPods for Delivery and Creation of Multi-Media Course Content

William Mierse, Art
Digitizing Slide Images from the Collection of the Art Department
for Use in the Survey of Art, Art 5,

Yuichi Motai, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Enhancing Curricular Activities through Engineering Projects to Aid the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities

Lee Nelson, Physical Therapy
Strengthening Physical Therapy, Clinical Education Instruction and Supervision through Use of Educational Technology

Gary Olivetti, Botany
Animating the Connections between the Levels of Biology

Tian Xia, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Improve a Microelectronics Course through Project Enhancement

Recipients for 2004/05

Kevin Foley, Medical Lab & Radiation Science, Pharmacology
Laboratory and Statistical Computer Support

Thomas Brennan, Art
Color Management in Digital Photographic Printing

Barb Russ and Jane Mekkelsen, Education
Increasing Knowledge and Skill in Teaching & Learning Through On-going Reflection

Jim Hoffman and Maggie Eppstein, Computer Science, Biology
Developing Cross-Disciplinary Learning Experiences In Evolutionary Computation

Yuichi Motai, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Link Curriculum Activities Through Engineering Projects to Aid Persons with Disabilities

Kathleen Liang, Community Development & Applied Economics
Building Community-based Entrepreneurial Action Learning Opportunities

Jeff Frolik and Tony Keller, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Hands-on Design Course for Electrical, Computer, and Mechanical Engineering Students

Gagan Mirchandani, Computer Science
Real-Time Digital Signal Processing

Daisy Benson, Library
Developing A Live Online Reference Service for University Libraries

Deane Wang, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
Building a Foundation for Mathematical Learning in Math 18

Christine Griffin, Medical Lab & Radiation Sciences
Adding Service Learning to 1st Year Seminar Course

Charlie Rathbone, Elementary Education
Renovating EDEL 24

Alison Pechenick, Computer Science
Using Tablet PC to Enrich Student Experiences In Real-Time Online Courses

Robert Vanderbeck, Geography
Research Methods in Geography: Developing a Hands-One Approach

Recipients for 2003/04
Alexander Stewart/Thomas Toner, Department of Music
Acquisition of Musical Instruments from Non-Western Cultures

Larry Haugh, Math & Stats and Alan Howard, Academic Computing Services
Foundational Support for a Statistical Consulting Clinic

Thomas Patterson, CDAE
Experiential Learning in Higher Education: A Longitudinal Study to Enhance the CALS First Year Program

Ellen Grimes, Dental Hygiene
Development of Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office Videotapes

Juan Maura, Romance Languages
Peoples and Architecture of Spain

Jeffrey Frolik, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Evaluation of Tablet PC's for Engineering Course Content Development and Student Design Environments

Mark Starrett, Plant and Soil Science
Development of an Experiential Learning Site Incorporating Teaching, Research and Outreach Activities

Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux, Geography
Enhancing the Geography Department's Intermediate Remote Sensing Course via Fieldwork and International Visits to the Canadian Center for Remote Sensing

James Burgmeier, Jianke Yang and Jason Storer, Mathematics and Statistics
Interactive Lecture Materials for Math

Thomas Hudspeth, Environmental Programs/SNR
ENVS and SNR Travel Study Course to Latin America: Enhanced Photographic Capabilities for Students' Interpretive Projects, New Initiatives for Ecuador, and Exploring Exciting Possibilities for UVM Faculty Collaboration

John Saia, Family Practice; Cate Nicholas, OBGYN; Brad Wright, Anatomy
Clinical Skills Teaching: Online Module Development

Robert Vanderbeck, Geography
Research Methods in Geography: Developing a Hands-One Approach

JR Knapp and Fran Kinghorn, Animal Science
Development of Web Based Software for Animal Nutrition: Auto-Tutorial Learning of Food/Feedstuffs

Margo Thompson, Art
Development of Visual Resources of Art History and Other Courses in Multiculturalism

Kathyrn Fox, Sociology
Deviance Class Interactive Website

Robert Snapp, Computer Science
Development of CS 5 "Puzzles and Games": A Novel Introduction to Computer Science

Charlotte Merhtens, Geology
Instructional Materials for Think-Pair-Share Activities in a Large Lecture Science Class

Sue Dinitz, English
Developing a UVM On Line Writing Center

Jeanne Douglas and Jackie Redmond, Computer Science
The Overhaul of Computer Programming I and II

Jeffrey Frolik, Electrical and Computer Engineering and Tony Keller, Mechanical Engineering
A Hands On Design Course for Electrical and Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering Freshman: EE/ME I

Dan Baker, Ken Becker, Donna Rizzo, Nancy Hayden, Chris Koliba, Kathleen Liang and Fred Schmidt, CDAE
The Vermont Food, Farms and Schools Service Learning Project

Tracy Rushmer, Geology
On the Cutting Edge, Workshops for Geoscience Faculty

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