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Grade Center: Color Coding

color coded grade centerYou can use colors in the Grade Center to help you easily identify student grades that meet specific criteria. For example, if you want to see all students who have not passed an exam or assignment, you can set the Grade Center to highlight low scores in red.

  1. Go to Grade Center: Full Grade Center.
  2. Click the Manage button and choose Grading Color Codes.
  3. In the Grading Color Codes window, check the “Enable Grading Color Codes” button to turn on the feature.
  4. In the Grade Ranges area, set your criteria. You can choose a grade between two percentages, or more than or less than a specific percentage.
  5. Choose the Background or Text color highlight the grades that fit the criteria. Add additional criteria if needed.
  6. Click Submit. The Grade Center will display those colors for the grades that meet the criteria.

View Blackboard Instructional Video:
Color Coding the Grade Center

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