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BigBlueButton Tool

A number of different learning technologies can be integrated into the Blackboard environment to enrich both the student and user experience. One of these learning technology integrations is called BigBlueButton (BBB) (

BigBlueButton is a virtual classroom similar to Blackboard Collaborate, Adobe Connect, and other such technologies. Users enter the room and then interact with the instructor who is able to moderate the session. The instructor can share his or her own video webcam feed (with audio, of course), share the desktop, and share applications with students as well as use the electronic whiteboard.

Create A BigBlueButton Link

  1. Go to a Blackboard course in which you are an instructor.;
  2. By default, the BigBlueButtton Tool is initially turned off. To turn it on, find the Course Management Control Panel on the left, and click on Customization to expand the Customization menu

  3. Click on Tool Availability

  4. Among the list of tools, there are two entries for BigBlueButton:
    • BigBlueButton>
    • BigBlueButton (Recorded Room)

    BigBlueButton (Recorded Room) differs from BigBlueButton in that the latter records the BigBlueButton session for later playback from within this Blackboard course. Click the Available checkbox for one, the other, or both. Then click Submit.

  5. Navigate to a content area (e.g. “Course Materials”).

  6. Select the Tools drop-down menu at the top of the content page. Then click on More Tools

  7. Select BigBlueButton or BigBlueButton (Recorded Room) from the drop-down list

  8. Type in a Name and a Description for the link to BigBlueButton (e.g. Virtual Office Hours).

  9. Select any Availability options. NOTE: As with any other content item, Adaptive Release rules can be used to control access to the BigBlueButton room.

  10. Click Submit when finished.
  11. Tools appear on content page.

    Selecting a non-recorded session link takes the user directly to BigBlueButton, while clicking on the recorded link takes the user first to a list of previously recorded sessions


Instructor Guide to BigBlueButton (Video)
From the BigBlueButton development team, an excellent guide to the Instructor/Moderator/Presenter tools on BigBlueButton.
Student Guide to BigBlueButton (Video)
From the BigBlueButton development team, an equally excellent guide for students using BigBlueButton.
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