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The Assignment Tool

The Assignment Tool has a very specific purpose and structure. It allows you to create a "drop box" for each assignment where students can submit their completed work.

Submitted assignments are attached to a Grade Center column so the Assignment Tool automates the collection and organization of assignments.

Things to consider

Although the student can work on the assignment and save it several times, he or she can only submit the final result one time. Thus, if the assignment requires multiple drafts or stages, you will need to create an assignment for each draft or stage.

The Assignment Tool automatically creates a column in the grade center, so be sure not to create duplicate columns.

How to set up Assignments

  1. Open any content area page, such as "Course Materials."
  2. Click "Assessments" and "Assignment" from that list menu.

  3. Type in the assignment name, instructions, points possible. You may also attach a file to which students can refer.

  4. Other options include
    • Assignment Availability allows instructors to create assignments in advance and reveal them when ready
    • Tracking Statistics that track the number of views and by whom the assignment was viewed
    • Date and Time Restrictions which allows faculty reveal an assignment at a specific date/time and to hide it after a specific date/time
    • Assignment file allows faculty to attach supplemental information or templates for an assignment
    • Points Possible determines the grade value for the assignment and corresponds to the Grade Center column created for the assignment
  5. A column will be created automatically in the Grade Center for each assignment.

  6. Students will read the instructions and then create their work using, for example, Word, Excel, Mathematica, or Powerpoint. To submit their work, students then attach the completed file to the Assignment link.

How to View Student Assignments

Option 1:
To view submitted work, go to the Grade Center linked in the Control Panel. Click the link called "Needs Grading."

Option 2
In the full Grade Center, View the column associated with the assignment. If there are assignments that need grading (see image left), click on the small chevron button at the top of the column and choose "Assignment File Download." (see image right) Provide feedback and a grade in the grade center for each student by selecting view grade details from the assignment column.

Follow the directions to download the results either one at a time, or in combination, as a zipped file. You then provide feedback and a grade through the Grade Center.

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