Covered Bridge Preservation

National Best Practices Conference

University of Vermont , Burlington, Vermont

June 5-7, 2003

Selected Conference Presentations

Ron Anthony - Condition Assessment of Timber Using Resistance Drilling and Digital Radioscopy

Lola Bennett - From Craft to Science: American Timber Bridges from 1790 to 1840

Leon Buckwalter - The Stabilization of King's Covered Bridge, Somerset Co., PA

William Collins - The Tohockin Aqueduct:  A Modern Covered Bridge to Carry Water

Robert H. Durfee, P.E. - Fire Protection and Fire Prevention on Covered Bridges

Dario A. Gasparini & Francesca da Porto - Structural Behavior and Maintenance of Prestressed Covered Bridges

Kenneth C. Harwood Jr. - Preservation and Protection of Covered Bridges, Frederick County, Maryland

David Hoyne, P.E. - Cambridge - Poland Junction Bridge Project

Sean T. James, P.E. - Covered Bridges: Lessons Learned

Christopher Marston - HAER National Covered Bridge Recording Project, Summer 2002

Matthew J. Low, P.E. - Analyzing Covered Bridges for Live Loads

Phillip C. Pierce, P.E. - Analyzing Those Intriguing Town Lattice Trusses

Matthew Reckard, P.E. - Smith Trusses: Bringing Covered Bridges into the Industrial Age

Ben Schafer - Engineering Analysis of Covered Wooden Bridges Summer 2003

Susan Scribner - Vermont Historic Covered Bridge Preservation Plan

Craig Struble & Seth Bergstein - Wawona Covered Bridge Rehabilitation Project

Michikio Tanaka - Covered Bridges in Lane County, OR

Selected Conference Papers

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Translations of these PowerPoint presentations are posted as submitted by the presenters at the conference without editing. Please be aware that the web versions of the PowerPoint files contain translation errors and low resolution images.