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UBAC-Led Conversation

The University Benefits Advisory Council (UBAC) is facilitating a dialogue with faculty and staff aimed at giving the University community a voice in the conversation around the sharing of benefits costs. For presentations shared at the February UBAC meetings, see the menu under Charts and Presentations.

UVM Benefits Cost Share

UVM Benefits Cost Share

Davis Center BannersAs part of its FY2015 budget planning process, the University of Vermont is considering the possibility of adjusting the percentage of the cost of healthcare coverage paid by faculty and staff in relation to the cost of benefits paid by the institution.

It is important to remember that there is no thought of changing access, eligibility or coverage for healthcare; the discussion is about changing the way that the COST of the benefit is shared between the University and the individual.

The University Benefits Advisory Council (UBAC) collected feedback during the month of February in order to give faculty and staff a voice in the process. As they did with the PRMB discussion, the UBAC gathered responses, identified issues, and applied guiding principles as they worked toward creating a report that was delivered to the University President and Provost in mid-March.

The Process

This cost share discussion is part of the larger budget conversation that has been going on in earnest for some time now. As part of that process, the President and Provost asked the UBAC to reprise the role they played during the Post-Retirement Medical Benefits conversation. Then as now, that role involved facilitating cross-campus open forums, passing on feedback, and reviewing the impact of various models against a set of guiding principles. The Council does research and serves as a sounding board, but it does not make a recommendation to pursue specific modifications.

Scheduled Meetings

There is a UBAC Full Council meeting scheduled for Thursday, May 1 from 10 AM to Noon in Old Mill's John Dewey Lounge.

This is the final meeting of the academic year and it will not be focused on the cost share conversation. As with all UBAC meetings, the University community is welcome to attend.

What About Retirees?

This current discussion is about the cost share of benefits for active employees. There is NO intention to change the cost share of benefits for retirees.

Narrowing of Focus

Originally, the conversation was about adjusting the cost share formulas for three benefits: dependent tuition remission, healthcare coverage, and the retirement savings plan. The administration communicated prior to the February 20 UBAC meeting that as a result of a variety of factors including input from faculty and staff, cost sharing for dependent tuition remission and the retirement savings plan would no longer be part of this discussion.

Feedback Received

All feedback received by February 28, 2014 (minus personal identifying information) became part of the final report to the President and Provost.

Presentations and Report

Final Report to the President and Provost


Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to the overarching principles, costs, ratios and other information expressed on this site, is it expected that there will be a great deal of clarifying information conveyed through the answers to Frequently Asked Questions. The UBAC will not be able to respond to individuals, however questions and answers that are deemed helpful to the discussion will be posted on this site as there is opportunity to do so.

If adjustments are made to the cost share of certain benefits, when will that change take place?

At this point the Administration has indicated their interest in any modifications going into effect as early as July 1, 2014.

What about collective bargaining agreements?

As most people are aware, University contracts are expiring this year. Adjustments to the cost share of benefits would be subject to collective bargaining for represented faculty and staff.