Hermit 1000B Downloading Procedure

  1. Take Hermit out of casing and turn it off(hold enter and press stop/next, then enter again)
  2. Disconnect and make sure connections are in a dry place while you download the unit
  3. Connect Hermit to external power and computer (standard connector RS232C port)
  4. On the desktop, click on the datatran icon(You must download this software from In-situ Inc.)
  5. Press any key
  6. Enter file name under header(use the date of download)
  7. Set parameters to
  1. F1 to begin Transfer
  2. On Hermit press enter and wait for the resting screen with decimal
  3. Press the data button
  4. Press any key on the computer
  5. Select test number by pressing enter
  6. Select Imput 1(GW #2) or 2(GW #3) then press enter
  7. The first try will not work so try again-the screen will read "break signal detected"

    -"OUT 1" changes to "out" on the Hermit when transfering data

  8. The transfer takes a while-be patient (5-6 minutes)!
  9. Open Excel
  10. Go to open files (C:)

    -datatran folder (change file type to all files)

  11. Bring up file name and click okay
  12. Text Import Wizard comes up