Installing the UVM Wellfield

1996, 1997, 1999

The UVM well field was installed by Chevalier Drilling. Costs were covered by the Arts and Sciences Deans office, Bierman's startup funds, Rolfe Stanley and the great genorosity of Chevalier Drilling.

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Mud from drilling wells 1, 2, and 3 covers the Fleming lawn


Geohydro class watching the wells go in at Fleming


Mud on the FLeming lawn. Red mud from the Monkton Quartzite at 133' below the ground surface.

Checking grain size on the Fleming lawn


Erik cleaning up and loading mud for the first and last geo-club mud wrestling contest


First mud trial...Aaron Hirsch


Fleming wells prior to installation



Mixing grout to set the casing at Wills well nest



Drilling wells 4 and 5 behind Williams Hall


Drilling wells 4 and 5 behind Williams Hall


Checking the texture of glacial lake fine grain sediments