M.S. Research Overview

Joanna M. Reuter

      How quickly do landscapes erode? How do erosion rates vary across the landscape? Is it possible to predict erosion rates based mappable landscape characteristics, such as topography, tectonics, climate, bedrock geology, and vegetation? From a knowledge of erosion patterns, what inferences can we make about how landscapes change over time? What impact have humans had on sediment dynamics?

      These are all questions that motivated my M.S. research. I utilized two tools to try to get some answers. One is 10Be measured in fluvial sediment, which allows us to infer erosion rates for entire drainage basins on a multi-millennial time scale. The second tool is GIS, which I used to characterize the drainage basins with 10Be measurements.

      The bulk of my work was in the Susquehanna River Basin, but I also compiled and analyzed existing 10Be data sets from around the world. For a quick overview of results, see the powerpoint presentations below, and for more detail, check out the thesis or other pdfs below, or check to see if any of the papers that we have submitted for publication are out yet.

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