Maps and Orthophotos
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How do I download these as jpgs????
PC's - click the map you want. When it is displayed in its own window, right click on it and select "save image to disk.
MACs - If you are using Safari, click on the map you watn. When it is displayed in its own window, go to file and save as. It should save as a jpg to the Desktop. If this doesn't work, select the map you want, click on it and while holding down the button, drag the image to the desktop.
Lab 1: Geolocating
Delehanty Hall
down to good old
Salmon Hole
Lab 2: River Uses
Sewage Plant
and Essex
Hydro Plant
Lab 3: Float Trip
Salmon Hole
down to the Lake

Lab 4: Huntington
Audubon Land
Lab 5: 9/28
Interactions Lab
Mill ponds
Lab 6: 10/4/2005
Soil Chronosequences
on Huntington River Terraces