Final Projects:
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Group Memebers
Project Title
Emily Rehmeyer
Patrick Niggel
Fill Duration of the Indian Brook Reservoir Post Dam Completion
Mike Fitzgerald
Devin Rowland
Waterbuy Dam Disturbance
Claire Leonard
Containment of a Stream Oveer Time at Oakledge Park, Burlington, VT
Chris Ricker
Brian Connelly
Sedimentation Rate Change, Winooski River Delta
Lydia Smith
Jessica Kuonen
History of Moss Glen Falls Revealed: The Lost Settlement of Brownsville
Alex Geller
Rachel Lomonaco
Mill Brook Sediment Incision
Jessica Schechter
Winooski Falls: Now and Then
Luella Strattner
Mark Leporati
The Riverside Ave. Landslide of 1955:
Why is this area prone to landslides?
Matt Kuhn
Old Mill Site on the Saxtons River
Charlie Eiseman
Lisa Passerello
The Changing Hydrology of the Winooski Nature Trail Property
Winooski, Vermont
Julia Ten Eyck
Katie Gallagher
Martin's Bridge
Rob Zimmermann
Corey Coutu
Anthropogenic Impacts and Geomorphic Recovery
on Upper Mill Brook, West Bolton, VT.
Scott Hess
Wally Brooks
Arrowhead Lake: In danger of sedimentation?
Tristan Hansell
Keith Pelletier
Riparian Vegetation and Geology in the Jail Branch Watershed
in Central Vermont
Zach Swander
Greg Baldwin
Millpond Volume at Bartlett's Dam on the New Haven River
Andrea Pearce
Amanda Devine
Beaver Ponds in Sherman Hollow Brook Watershed:
Sediment deposition and happy rodents.