University of Vermont

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Rehabilitation and Movement Science Clinical Opportunities

Athletic Training Clinical Experience

Students are required to complete a minimum of 800 hours of clinical experience under the direct supervision of certified athletic trainers on campus and at local off-campus affiliate sites. The required 800 clinical experience hours are based on three years in the program and take a minimum of five semesters to complete.

First-year students are required to participate in an introductory period of directed observation consisting of at least 50 hours. During this time, students become acquainted with the various daily duties and routines of the staff and athletic training students, the operations of the training room, and basic athletic training skills.

Once admitted to the clinical portion of the ATEP in the second year, students are assigned to Approved Clinical Instructors. These assignments include team practice and game coverage, team travel, and sports therapy clinic coverage.

Students also have the option of a number of other practical experiences during their final year including conducting research, internships, observing in surgery, and more.

Exercise and Movement Science Senior Capstone Experience

Students are required to complete a one- to six-credit senior capstone experience under the direct supervision of health and wellness professionals on campus or at off-campus affiliate sites. Students intern in a variety of settings including community health and fitness facilities, clinical or rehabilitative programs, wellness organizations, athletic programs, private fitness industry, and specific activity organizations. The requirement is completed during either the fall or spring semester of the senior year. The Senior Capstone may also be completed at off-campus sites the summer prior to senior year if pre-approved by the program.

Physical Therapy Clinical Experience

The D.P.T. curriculum includes four clinical internship courses that comprise 36 weeks of full-time clinical education experience. Students practice in a variety of settings under the supervision of clinical instructors who are licensed physical therapists. Read more on the D.P.T. page.

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