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CNHS Research: Resources for Students

The UVM Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) helps match students with research and scholarship opportunities across the university. Resources include guidance about how to choose a research focus; information about grants, scholarships, conferences and publications; a database of UVM faculty engaged in research, and more. The office is housed within the UVM Honors College.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be involved in the research? What research opportunities are available in CNHS?
You should look at the listing of various research topics at the CNHS website. This will give you an idea of the research that professors are doing. Once you have narrowed down your choice, you should contact the professor for more details and the availability of a project for you. For information about research opportunities across UVM, contact the Office of Undergraduate Research. Visit the office to review a database of all openings at UVM. To work with the UVM College of Medicine faculty, contact them directly. A good starting point is the research section of their website.

How much time I will be required to spend on research?
It depends on a particular project. Typically it is less than 10 hours a week.

What kind of research can I be involved in?
The research interest of our faculty ranges from laboratory-based basic sciences to advanced clinical and patient based research.

Do I get paid to do research?
Generally a student is not paid for their work. If a professor has grant funds, she/he might be able to pay you. Students may also use work-study money to get paid for research.

Can I earn credit for the research work? If so how many credits can I earn?
Yes, you can earn credits for your work. Students can earn between 1-6 credits for research.

Do I need to take specific courses in order to work on research projects?
Some faculty especially in basic sciences will require students to take courses in math, chemistry or biology. Please check with the professor.

Can I be involved in a research project that is outside of my major?
Yes. We encourage students to go out of their majors and be involved in interdisciplinary research. For example, nursing students can be engaged in research projects offered by communication sciences or movement sciences.

What if I contact a professor and s/he isn't currently looking for help with research?
Move to the next research topic of interest on your list and contact that professor. Be persistent! Faculty enjoy hearing from and working with students so don't be hesistant to reach out. Openings might become available at a later time and establishing contact is a first step. The CNHS Office of Student Services and the Office of Undergraduate Research are good places to contact if you have questions or need support.

UVM Research Opportunities

The following offices and departments offer opportunities to work on research with faculty outside of CNHS:

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