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CNHS Research: Resources for Faculty

On Campus

UVM Environmental Safety
UVM Institutional Biosafety Committee
UVM Libraries
UVM Office of Undergraduate Research
UVM Research Protections Office
UVM Sponsored Projects Administration

CNHS Dean's Office

Dean's Research Incentive Grants (PDF) and Application Cover Page (PDF)
Summary of Evaluation Criteria for Incentive Grant Proposals (PDF)
CNHS Research Support Request Form (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

How can students help me with my research?
Students can help with literature searches, extracting information from surveys and interviews. With a little training, students can help with some data analysis. In laboratory-based research, students can help with the experiments, taking observations etc.

How do I find students who can help me with my research?
Faculty should highlight their research on the CNHS website. This is the main attraction for students to contact you.

Do I have to pay a student to work on a research project?
No, you do not need to pay students to do research with you. Students are looking to gain experience and are willing to work as volunteers.

Can students earn credits for the work they do on my research project?
Yes, students can earn between 1-6 credits while working on your research project. Your department should have research-based courses or special topics that the students could enroll in.

How do I get in touch with undergraduate students who are interested in research?
UVM's Office of Undergraduate Research connects faculty with students seeking research experience. Complete this survey to be entered into a database accessible to all UVM undergraduate students.

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