University of Vermont

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Mission, Vision and Strategic Goals


To serve society at state, national and global levels through education of health professionals, development of new knowledge, and healthcare advocacy that transforms lives by preventing illness and injury, promoting health and wellness, and assuring evidence-based clinical interventions in the management of disease and disability.


To be a premier College of Nursing and Health Sciences in a small public research university preparing exemplary clinician-scientists in the health professions, creating new knowledge and advocating for accessible health care as a human right.

Strategic Goals

The College of Nursing and Health Sciences is a community of scholars and practitioners. We believe in a holistic, lifespan approach to health and health care that considers biological, psychological, sociological, cultural, economic, environmental and other components.

We achieve our mission through education, critical inquiry, leadership, service, and life-long learning. We promote evidence-based practice through the scholarly synthesis, transfer and application of knowledge. We create and disseminate new knowledge through research; critical analysis and theory generation; and the development of exemplary clinical practice models. We strive to improve the health and health care delivery of citizens of local, state, national and global communities through leadership roles that include research, advocacy, education and guidance in public policy and delivery of services.

To realize this vision, we uphold the following goals:

To educate innovatively:

  • by expanding experiential learning, especially in underdeveloped countries, and
  • implementing inter-professional educational experiences through clinical simulation and case-based scenarios.

To prepare competent, ethical scientists and practitioners:

  • by implementing the Doctor of Nursing Practice,
  • developing an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Human Performance and Rehabilitation,
  • leading in the development of practitioners able to contribute to primary care and integrated practice models, and
  • preparing health professionals to meet state shortages.

To achieve excellence in translational research:

  • by focusing research in the areas of movement, exercise, and obesity, and normal development and developmental disabilities, and
  • providing students with opportunities for international, collaborative research mentorship.

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