University of Vermont

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

College Diversity Plan

As part of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences' (CNHS) effort to achieve excellence as an academic unit, we are committed to establishing a critical mass of employees from traditionally underrepresented groups. We have defined our efforts to achieve diversity in two ways. First, we hope to increase diversity in race and gender for faculty and staff to be firmly aligned with the University's affirmative action policy. Second, we consider age, disabilities, sexual orientation, gender expression, etc. as part of our diversity focus. Establishing a critical mass of employees from traditionally underrepresented groups is essential to our College community as we strive for excellence in the health care arena.

Goals & Objectives

A primary goal for the CNHS is to build a diverse community and globally aware university community sustained by an inclusive, supportive and just campus climate. To do this we have established the following objectives:

  • Develop a college-wide diversity recruitment & retention plan for faculty, staff and students.
  • Increase international and multicultural opportunities for education and research for faculty and students.
  • Incorporate the theme of cultural determinants of health throughout the College's professional curricula.
  • Establish a College-wide Faculty and Staff Diversity Task Force.

Read the complete CNHS Diversity Plan. The plan establishes indicators of success for the stated goals, and also addresses faculty and staff recruitment and retention processes, professional development and institutional leadership in implementation.

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