Director: Nicholas Heintz, PhD
Professor of Pathology, Department of Pathology and Vermont Cancer Center
Health Science Research Facility 328
Burlington, VT 05401
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Administrator: Jessica Deaette
Admin. Assistant: Kirstin van Luling
CMB Program Office
Given Building C141C
Burlington, VT 05401
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Education Committee

This committee is responsible for ensuring that students are provided with academic and professional development opportunities through a flexible curriculum that can be tailored to individual students’ interests. This approach is designed to provide the best possible training for a wide range of scientific careers.

Elizabeth Bonney (2012-2017) Frances Carr (2012-2017) Stephen Everse (2012-2015) Alan Howe (2012-2015)
Matthew Poynter (2012-2016)* Janet Stein (2012-2016) Arvis Sulovari (2014-2015) Matthew Wargo (2012-2015)

Faculty Review

Faculty Review members are dedicated to evaluating current member participation and reviewing new faculty applications.

Mary Dunlop (2014-2018) Arti Shukla (2012-2016) Paula Tracy (2012-2015) Judy Van Houten (2008-2015)*
Daniel Weiss (2013-2017)

Recruitment and Admissions

Responsible for the recruitment and admission of highly qualified candidates, this committee is tasked with promoting CMB to the potential applicants as well as reviewing applicant qualifications.

Sean Diehl (2014-2017) Haein Kim (2014-2015) Christopher Landry (2013-2016) Dawei Li (2014-2017)
Andrew Little (2014-2015) Matthew Lord (2012-2015) Karen Lounsbury (2007-2017)* Aimee Shen (2012-2015) Jay Silveira (2013-2016) Jason Stumpff (2013-2016) Markus Thali (2010-2015)

Steering Committee

This committee is comprised of the chairs of the other committees and one student-elected student representative, and is responsible for major changes to the program.

Jonathan Boyson (2012-2015) Nicholas Heintz (2013-2016)*# Karen Lounsbury (2014-2015) Matthew Poynter (2012-2015)
Joyce Thompson (2014-2015) Judy Van Houten (2008-2015)

Student Progress Committee

Members of this committee are in charge of our graduate student’s progress in our program. Students are encouraged to approach faculty with inquires for useful resources and valuable insight for succeeding in the program.

Jason Botten (2012-2017) Jonathan Boyson (2012-2015)* Christopher Francklyn (2012-2016) Robert Kelm (2012-2015)
Keith Mintz (2012-2017) Teresa Ruiz (2012-2016)

* denotes committee chair & # denotes ad hoc member.