University of Vermont

Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Sciences

Core Facilities

-Collaboration-Based Services -Fee-Based Services
Facility Director Location Email Phone Affiliation Category
Adult Stem Cell Core Jeffrey Spees, PhD T133 CRF 656-2388 VLC, CVRI
Advanced Genome Technologies Core / DNA Analysis Facility / Microarray Facility Tim Hunter 305 HSRF 656-2559 VCC, VGN, VCIID
Animal Husbandry Ruth Blauwiekel, DVM 116 Hills

656-1006 656-0459 COM, UVM
Biobank Mark Evans, PhD 303 HSRF

656-3628 VCC
Bioinformatics James Vincent, PhD 200A Farrell 656-9798 VGN
Biostatistics and Design Taka Ashikaga, PhD 27C Hills 656-2526 COM, VCC, CCTS
BSL-3 Lab and Inhalation Facility Jason Botten, PhD Colchester Research Facility 656-9795 VCIID
Cryo-EM Facility Michael Radermacher, PhD 120 HSRF 656-4834 Physiology
Experimental Pathology Mark Evans, PhD D206 Given 656-3628 COM, Pathology
Analytical Flow Cytometry Scott Tighe 305 HSRF

656-1333 COM
Harry Hood Bassett Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting (FCCS) Facility Roxana del Rio-Guerra, PhD C-316 Given

656-3854 COM
Functional Magnetic Resonance Brain Imaging Magdalena Naylor DU-Arnold 6416 847-4644 FAHC, COM, CNRU
Instrumentation & Model Facility Tobey Clark 280 East Ave 656-8561 UVM  
Laboratory for Clinical Biochemistry Research Russell Tracy, PhD Colchester Research Facility 206E

656-8961 GCRC, CCTS, CVRI
Microscopy Imaging Center Doug Taatjes, PhD 203 HSRF 656-0813 COM, CVRI
NCOBRE- Cellular and Molecular Biology Sheryl White, PhD 414A HSRF 656-2007 NCOBRE
NCOBRE Imaging and Physiology Todd Clason E015 Given 656-0413 NCOBRE
Physiology Core John Hiser Shepardson 266 847-0433 FAHC
Proteomics Facility Bin Deng, PhD Marsh Life Sciences 337 656-5099 VGN
Transgenic Mouse Facility Mercedes Rincon, PhD D305 Given 656-0937 COM, VCIID
Vermont Advanced Computing Core (VACC) Andrea Elledge, PhD 216 Farrell 656-8867 UVM
Vermont Genetics Network Outreach Core Janet Murray, PhD 120A Marsh Life Sciences 656-0028 VGN
X-Ray Crystallography Mark Rould, PhD E312 Given 656-9532 COM, Physiology

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