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Spring Semester Clean Energy Fund Forum - March 22, 2017

Come share your thoughts on the return of UVM's student-led fund, and its new structure!

UVM’s Clean Energy Fund is back and wants to hear your feedback as we move forward! Stop by Wednesday, March 22nd in the Sugar Maple Ballroom between 12:30 and 2pm and hear about some of the projects funded so far, what we’re working on currently, and share your input on what you’d like to see be done with the CEF in the future.

Energizing UVM: The Clean Energy Fund Report

CEF Report

Read about the many accomplishments and projects resulting from the Clean Energy Fund since its inception in 2007.

Clean Energy Fund Evaluation & Review


Dr. Richard Watts, a faculty member in the Department of Community Development and Applied Economics, was asked to review the CEF and produce aPDF icon report (pdf) summarizing the results of his interviews with a variety of campus stakeholders. The content of the report and the recommendations are those of Dr. Watts and the interviewees and do not represent the official position of the University Administration.

The Clean Energy Fund (CEF) is a student-initiated, student-supported fund created to fulfill students’ vision of the University of Vermont running efficiently on a fraction of its current energy needs, powered by clean, locally produced renewable energy that fulfills both the University’s needs and supports the local economy.