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Assitant Professor of Biology, Ingi Agnarsson

Ingi Agnarsson

Assistant Professor of Biology

Ingi Agnarsson, Assistant Professor of Biology, earned his B.Sc. in biology from University of Iceland, and his Ph.D. in systematics from George Washington University. After graduating, he did postdoctoral research as a Killam fellow at the University of British Columbia, was a postdoctoral researcher at The University of Akron, and a research associate at the Slovenian Academy of Sciences. Prior to joining UVM in 2012, he was an assistant professor of biology at the University of Puerto Rico. He has been a research associate at the Smithsonian Institution since 2004.

His main research utilizes phylogenetic tools to address broad evolutionary questions, mostly working with spiders, but also other arthropods, mammals, and other organisms. Currently, the focal research in the lab is a large National Science Foundation (NSF) funded project on the biogeography of Caribbean arachnids, where the goal is to understand the role of dispersal ability in shaping diversity and distribution of island biotas. Other current research includes biodiversity estimation, evolutionary biomechanics of spider silk, evolution of spider sociality, and, finally, initiating a spider genomics project. As a part of his work, Ingi travels the world in search of spiders, and other cool things, and writes research papers with his wife.

Outside work he savors raising two cheerful and active kids, and enjoying sports, cooking, music, books, and movies.

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