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Martha Thomas, Assistant Professor of Political Science

Martha Thomas

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Martha Thomas, Assistant Professor of Political Science, received her B.A. magna cum laude in Economics from St. Francis College in 2003, her Masters in International Public Policy from William Paterson University in 2005, and will receive her Ph.D. from the Pennsylvania State University in August 2010.

Martha's research interests centers on the scientific study of trade dispute settlement in regional integration agreements (RIAs). In her research she follows disputes from initiation to termination to investigate how they evolve within different RIAs and to understand the choices made by state and non-state actors at different stages of the dispute settlement process. In her Ph.D. dissertation she focuses on one facet of this research agenda, the largely neglected early stages of dispute settlement. She investigates why parties to RIAs choose to have some disputes litigated by the regional dispute resolution body but not others.

Through her research agenda she addresses several important questions in international relations such as: To what extent does international law matter? Are regional institutions effective in facilitating cooperation and compliance among member states? How do different types of institutional designs impact the dispute process? And, are some designs more attractive as venues for dispute settlement than others?

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