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Professor David Feurzeig

David Feurzeig

Assistant Professor of Music

David Feurzeig, Assistant Professor of Music, is a composer and pianist, and received the DMA in Composition from Cornell University (1997) and the AB from Harvard College (1987).

His music is performed throughout the U.S. and on three continents. It combines traditional, popular, and modernist elements in the service of direct personal expression. In addition to composing, he specializes in eclectic lecture-recitals ranging from classical to jazz and avant-garde styles, with a particular interest in stride piano, a hyper-virtuosic outgrowth of ragtime that developed in 1920s Harlem. At UVM, he will be teaching composition, orchestration, and the core theory curriculum ("PhysEd for musicians").

He comes to UVM after ten years at Illinois State University, located in the flattest region east of the Mississippi. His entire family looks forward to returning to the mountains and reliably snowy winters.

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