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In 2007, we welcomed 20 new scholar-teachers to the College of Arts and Sciences. Ranging from several eminent scholars of the Holocaust to a leading Latin jazz trumpeter, this diverse array of academic intellectuals have provided our students with a learned, dedicated, creative, and compassionate group of mentors.

Professor Ellen Andersen
Ellen Andersen
Associate Professor of Political Science and Women's and Gender Studies
Professor Pablo Bose
Pablo Bose
Assistant Professor of Geography
Professor Terrence Cuneo
Terence Cuneo
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Professor Katrinell Davis
Katrinell Davis
Assistant Professor of Sociology
Professor David Feurzeig
David Feurzeig
Assistant Professor of Music
Professor Anthony Grudin
Anthony Grudin
Assistant Professor of Art History
Professor Susan Harrington
Susan Harrington
Professor of English and Director of Writing in the Disciplines
Professor Kyle Ikeda
Kyle Ikeda
Assistant Professor of Asian Languages and Literatures
Professor Darius K. Jonathan, Senior Lecturer, Department of Asian Languages and Literatures
Darius Jonathan
Senior Lecturer, Department of Asian Languages and Literatures
Professor Felecia Kornbluh
Felicia Kornbluh
Associate Professor in Women’s and Gender Studies
Professor Frank Nicosia
Frank Nicosia
Raul Hilberg Distinguished Professor of Holocaust Studies in the Department of History
Professor Martin Oyata
Martin Oyata
Assistant Professor of Romance Languages
Professor Susan Schrafstetter
Susan Schrafstetter
Associate Professor of History
Professor Rashad Shabazz
Rashad Shabazz
George Washington Henderson Post Doctoral Fellow
Professor Jennifer Sisk
Jennifer Sisk
Assistant Professor of English
Professor Alan Steinweis
Alan Steinweis
Professor of History
Professor Donna Toufexis
Donna Toufexis
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Professor Ray Vega
Ray Vega
Senior Lecturer in Music
Professor Laura Webb
Laura Webb
Assistant Professor of Geology
Professor Steve Zdatny
Steve Zdatny
Professor of History

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