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Professor Hyon Joo Yoo Murphree

Hyon Joo Yoo Murphree

Assistant Professor of English (Film Studies)

Hyon Joo Yoo Murphree, Assistant Professor of English (Film Studies), received a B.A. in English from Ewha Womans University (Seoul, South Korea), her M.A. in Radio, TV and Film from the University of North Texas, and her Ph. D. in English from Syracuse University.

Hyon Joo's research focuses on East Asian cinema and postcolonial studies as well as globalization and media.

Her publications include: "The Stranger's Passage in Cyberspace" in Postcolonial Studies Vol. 8, No. II (2005), 181-197; "Transnational Cultural Production and the Politics of Moribund Masculinity" (forthcoming in positions: east asia cultures critique); "Class and Ethnicity in the Global Market for Organs: The Case of Korean Cinema" (with Rebecca Garden) (forthcoming in Journal of Medical Humanities Winter 2007). She is currently collaborating on an anthology project on the Trans-Pacific configuration of gender and nation and developing an essay on Korean noir film.

Her courses for 2007-2008 include Film Theory, East Asian Cinema in a Postcolonial World, and Global Cinema.

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