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Professor Nikki Khanna

Nikki Khanna

Assistant Professor of Sociology

Nikki Khanna, Assistant Professor of Sociology, received her B.A. (1997) from Emory University, her M.A. (2000) from the University of Georgia, and her Ph.D (2007) from Emory University.

Her research interests draw from the areas of race and ethnic relations and social psychology, and her current research examines ethnic and racial identity among biracial and multiracial people.

Her doctoral work examined identity construction and negotiation among black-white biracial adults in the U.S., and previous publications examined identity construction among multiracial Asian-white adults. Other research interests include racial identity among trans-racially adopted children, ethnic/racial socialization, and ethnic/racial prejudice. In the fall, Dr. Khanna will be teaching a course on Race Relations in the U.S. and a course on Multiracial People in America.

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