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Prof Steinberg

Jonah Steinberg

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Jonah Steinberg, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, received his B.A. from Swarthmore College and his Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. He conducts research, primarily in South Asia, on the sociocultural aspects of globalization. Dr. Steinberg is also interested in marginality and inequality, and social crisis and social change. His dissertation, based on fieldwork in the Himalayan ranges of Pakistan and Tajikistan, explored the transnational organization of the widely-scattered Isma'ili Muslim sect, and at the ways that local subjects become aware of a connection to a global cultural network.

Dr. Steinberg will be involved in a new initiative on Global Studies at UVM. He is currently developing a research project that explores the tense encounter between radical Islam, on the one hand, and syncretic local Muslim traditions, on the other, through an inspection of a single neighborhood in Delhi where the two collide. His courses for 2006-2007 include "Street Children," "Social Crisis," and "The Peoples of South Asia."

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