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Prof M Cope

Meghan Cope

Assistant Professor of Geography

Meghan Cope, Assistant Professor of Geography, has a B.A. in Sociology (Vassar College, 1989); and her M.A. and Ph.D. in Geography (University of Colorado, Boulder, 1992 and 1995).

Dr. Cope specializes in urban social geography, particularly issues of race/ethnicity, gender, youth, and class in U.S. cities. Her research is primarily qualitative and many of her publications have been about the challenges and opportunities for qualitative and, more specifically, participatory research in human geography. Most recently, Dr. Cope spent five years studying how children (ages 6-13) in a racially marginalized, economically distressed neighborhood in Buffalo, NY conceptualize urban space; that is, how do they define "neighborhood," how do they see their roles in constructing public space, how do they learn the "rules" of the city and how do they change those rules? This project involved teaching a service-learning course in which university students volunteered at an after-school program and developed their own participatory research projects with the children around issues of urban space and meanings of "the city." This research has developed into an interest in the concept of "child-friendly cities," which has become quite popular in Europe.

Thus, her new research directions at UVM will involve collaborating with European colleagues in some comparative projects in which she will explore how U.S. cities and towns - particularly in poverty areas and sites of ethnic/racial segregation - could incorporate "child-friendly" design and policy. Dr. Cope's teaching is currently focused on economic and urban geography, an ISSP course on Spatial Justice, and a team-taught course with Cherie Dunkley on Global Childhoods.

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