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Robert Bartlett

Gund Chair of Liberal Arts

Professor Bartlett's current research focuses on environmental democracy, namely, the applicability of theories of deliberative democracy to environmental policy design and evaluation and, in turn, the implications of practical policy considerations for theorizing about deliberative democracy. He is beginning a project on democracy, environmental policy, and international jurisprudence.

Selected Publications:

  • Walter F. Baber and Robert V. Bartlett. 2005. Deliberative Green Politics: Democracy and Ecological Rationality. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
  • Priya A. Kurian and Robert V. Bartlett. 2003. "Ethics and Justice Needs for Sustainable Development," in Institutional Issues Involving Ethics and Justice, ed. Robert Charles Elliot, in Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems, developed under the auspices of UNESCO (Oxford,UK: EOLSS Publishers).
  • Robert V. Bartlett and Priya A. Kurian. 1999. "The Theory of Environmental Impact Assessment: Implicit Models of Policy Making," Policy and Politics 27: 415-533.

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