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Charles-Louis Morand M‚tivier, Assistant Professor of French

Charles-Louis Morand Métivier

Assistant Professor of French

Charles-Louis Morand Métivier, Assistant Professor of French, is a native of Tours, France. He earned his M.A. (2009) and his Ph.D. in French literature (2013) from the University of Pittsburgh. He also holds a Licence and M.A. in English from the Université François-Rabelais in Tours, France.

Charles-Louis' research interests focus primarily on medieval and Renaissance French literature. He is particularly interested in the history of emotions in this period. His dissertation examines how the literary representation of extreme emotions begotten by medieval and Renaissance massacres helped shape the French nation as an emotional community. Charles-Louis' secondary interests include gender theory, cultural theory, French pop culture, and early modern poetry. He is currently working on an article that examines how the homosocial relations between Ronsard and du Bellay are at the center of a triangle involving the king of France as the object of desire.

When he is not teaching or doing research, Charles-Louis loves to exercise. He particularly loves going to the gym, playing squash and racquetball, and biking. He has a great love for rugby, which he played for many years, and also loves to cook, especially French food. Finally, he is a great science-fiction fan and comic book collector.

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