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Severin Schneebeli, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Severin Schneebeli

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Severin Schneebeli, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, is originally from Zurich, Switzerland. He completed a bachelor's degree in Chemistry at the University of Zurich in Switzerland (2006), and received his doctorate (2011) in Chemistry from Columbia University. His research during graduate school focused on bridging computation and experiment for the design and synthesis of single-molecule electronic devices and the prediction of selectivities for organic and enzymatic reactions. During his postdoctoral fellowship (2011-2014) at Northwestern University, his work shifted towards the synthesis and computer-aided design of hierarchical functional nanomaterials.

The broad focus of Severin's research is to design and create functional synthetic materials with controlled molecular arrangements at the mesoscale, in the range of 1-10,000 nm. It is an important scientific challenge to understand how to assemble mesoscale materials with superior performance for biomedicine, renewable energy, and heterogeneous catalysis in programmable ways. Severin is interested in meeting this challenge with his broad interdisciplinary experience in organic synthesis, materials characterization, and computer modeling.

Outside of his academic interests, Severin enjoys playing the violin, hiking, running, skiing, as well as tasting cheese and chocolate.

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