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Lattie F. Coor Awards for the Humanities and Fine Arts

In Support of Teaching and Research in the Humanities and Fine Arts

The Lattie F. Coor Endowment was created in 1992 to recognize the exceptional accomplishments of a President who served for 13 years at the University of Vermont, from 1976-1989. In keeping with Lattie Coor's humanistic values, his advocacy of liberal arts education, and his interest in the relationship of the Humanities and other disciplines, the Lattie Coor Endowment was established to encourage innovation and excellence in Humanities teaching and research, with special emphasis on multi-disciplinary initiatives. The endowment funds are administered by the Humanities Center.

All full-time faculty [minimum of 0.75 FTE and 9 months] in the Humanities and Fine Arts are eligible to receive support from the Endowment. Faculty members in other academic departments and programs are also eligible for support of work that deals with the historical and cultural contexts and/or philosophical foundations of their fields of study.

Information about Coor awards is available on the Humanities Center website.

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