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2013-14 Winning Proposals

Faculty Research Support Awards

Maeve Eberhardt (Romance Languages and Linguistics) ~
“Becoming Black” in the Whitest State: Language, Identity, and Education Among Second-Generation African Immigrants in Vermont.

Emily Manetta (Anthropology) ~
Vanishing Syntax: Question formation in Romani and the role of endangered languages in linguistic theory.

Julia Perdrial (Geology) ~
Carbon, nutrient and contaminant metal release from old vs. young near-stream sediments during flooding.

Rashad Shabazz (Geography) ~
Mapping Black Cultural Production: A Spatial History of the Mardi Gras Indians in New Orleans.

Joan Smith Faculty Research Support Award:

Teresa Mares (Anthropology) ~
La Otra Frontera (The Other Border): Exploring Latino/a Migrant Foodways in Vermont

2012-13 Winning Proposals

Faculty Research Support Awards:

Thomas Borchert (Religion) ~
Monastic Citizens: Exploring the Relationship of Religious and Political Identity in Thailand

Eric Lindstrom (English) ~
Here Now and Then: James Schuyler and the New York School Poets in Vermont

Dianna Murray-Close (Psychology) ~
Peer Victimization and Physiological Stress Reactivity: Implications for Physical Health in Males and Females

Stephen Waters (Chemistry) ~
Natural Products as Therapeutic Agents for Neurological Disorders

Joan Smith Faculty Research Support Award:

Gregory Ramos (Theatre) ~
Josefina's Stories (Cuentos de Josefina)

2011-12 Winning Proposals

Faculty Research Support Awards:

Alec Ewald (Political Science) ~
Civil Punishment: Collateral Consequences in the United States

Matthew Carlson (Political Science) ~
Political Corruption in Postwar Japan

Sayamong "Jom" Hammack (Psychology) ~
Blood levels of the peptide, PACAP, correlate with individual differences in anxiety in rats

Felicia Kornbluh (History) ~
Disability, Civil Rights, and Law: Jacobus TenBrock, Howard Jay Graham, and the New Politics of Equality in the Middle Twentieth Century

Joan Smith Faculty Research Support Award:

Jonah Steinberg (Anthropology) ~
The Disappearing Gypsy: Spatialized Modernities, Pollutive Bodies, and Urban Cleansing in the European Union

2010-11 Winning Proposals

Faculty Research Support Awards:

Reecia Orzeck (Geography) ~
International Law in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Eric Esselstrom (History) ~
Kaji Wataru and China-Japan Relations in the Crucible of Cold War

Madalina Furis (Physics) ~
Imaging Electrons, Spin Coupling and Magnetism in Discotic Crystalline Organic Semiconductors

Sarah Nilsen (English) ~
The Mickey Mouse Club: A Cultural History

Joan Smith Faculty Research Support Award:

Katrinell Davis (Sociology) ~
Overworked and Stressed Out: African American Women Operators in the Urban Transit Industry

2009-2010 Winning Proposals

Faculty Research Support Awards:

Pablo Bose (Geography) ~
Refugees and Immigrants in a Changing Vermont

Katherine Marmor (Art and Art History) ~
Creation and production of The Messengers: an interactive wireless art installation

Abigail McGowan (History) ~
Domesticating places: Transforming house to home in twentieth century India

Rory Waterman (Chemistry) ~
Collaborative Investigation of Main-Group Versus Transition-Metal Bond-forming Reactions

Joan Smith Faculty Research Support Award:

Vicki L. Brennan (Religion) ~
"Singing the Same Song": Music, Religion and Civil Society in Nigeria

2008-2009 Winning Proposals

Faculty Research Support Awards:

Meghan Cope (Geography) ~
Young People in Place: Mobility, Public Space, and Community Participation

Sean Field (History) ~
The Beguine, The Angel, and the Inquisitor: Trial of Marguerite Porete and Guiard of Cressonessart

Jane Kent (Art and Art History) ~
Skating, An Artist's Book; Text, Richard Ford, Images, Jane Kent

Giuseppe Petrucci (Chemistry) ~
Fundamental mechanistic studies of the effects of low energy radiation on the ionization and destruction of peptides and DNA

Joan Smith Faculty Research Support Award:

Alex Stewart (Music) ~
Performing Race: Afro-Mexicans, Multiculturalism, and the "Black Pacific"

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