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Department Chair's Handbook

Annual Performance Reviews of Faculty

Article 14.3

  • Department chairpersons shall annually review the performance of full-time (.75 FTE or greater) faculty members in their departments.
  • Reviews shall take place each spring.
  • Inaugural performance reviews must occur by March 15 for non-tenure track faculty and by April 15 for tenure-track faculty.
  • Subsequent reviews for all faculty must occur by April 15.
  • Evaluations should focus on the previous calendar year and willalso take into account information from the preceding two calendar years.
  • The Chair’s evaluation mustbe in writing and will be placed in the faculty member’s Academic Record File, with a copy to the faculty member by May 15.
  • Faculty on sabbatical or professional development leave during the spring semester must submit a mid-leave report that will be used as the basis for making determinations regarding performance increases. The absence of such a report will render the faculty member ineligible for consideration for an annual performance increase in the year of the leave.
  • Per Article 17.9, “Except for student evaluations, in the absence of the written permission of the faculty member, no written materials may be used for the annual performance evaluation or RPT evaluative purposes that were not contained in the Academic Record File at least one week prior to closure of the dossier.” The term “written materials” does not include either student evaluations or materials prepared by the faculty member (annual activity report, CV, publications, syllabi, etc.). It also does not include your evaluation of the faculty member’s performance. It refers to any other written material you may use, such as letters from colleagues praising a faculty member’s contribution, or a letter of reprimand that you have written or received. The trigger date initiating the review is the date of your meeting with the faculty member. One week prior to that date, the “written materials” must be in the file.
  • Annual evaluation materials (faculty member’s annual activity form, faculty member’s CV, Chair’s evaluation summary sheet, annual evaluation spreadsheet) should be submitted via the College’s Sharepoint site.
  • Chairs will also be evaluated annually and should complete an annual activity form and upload it to Sharepoint with an updated CV, along with materials submitted for all other full-time faculty.
  • In addition, hard copies of all annual evaluation documents should be sent/delivered to Sarah Gilmore to arrive in the Dean’s office at least three days prior to your meeting with the Dean. The hard copies should be organized in the following order:
    • Annual evaluation spreadsheet
    • Individual faculty member’s documents in alphabetical order, grouped together for each faculty member using paper clips instead of staples
      • Chair’s annual evaluation memo
      • Faculty member’s annual activity report
      • Faculty member’s CV
  • Sample Timeline, assuming that the chair-faculty member meeting takes place April 2, and the chair/dean meeting takes place April 9:
    • March 26: Deadline for “written materials” to be in the personnel file.
    • April 2: Chair discusses annual activity with faculty member.
    • April 6: Chair submits evaluation, annual activity report, and CV to the College’s Sharepoint site and delivers hard copies to Sarah Gilmore in the Dean’s Office.
    • April 9: Chair discusses annual activity with the Dean.
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