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New Hire Action List

A summary of the needs of new hires (e.g., e-mail accounts, keys, phones, etc.)

Hiring Stage Action
1. Post-Recruitment - For staff, complete the New Employee Orientation Form to schedule orientation.
- Prepare faculty or staff appointment letter, Personnel Action Form, Distribution Form, and Employee Information Form.
2. Pre-Employment - For telephone and network services (i.e., phone requests, voicemail, budget changes, long distance code, and data connections), contact Telecommunications.
- For information technology support services contact Arts and Sciences Computing Services.
- Verify that an email account has been created via completion of the Human Resources paperwork
- Request an Oracle calendar account if necessary or desired.
- Contact Sally Knight to update Arts and Sciences email distribution list.
- Add to Department list of contacts and office telephone directory.
- For keys and card access, contact the Lock Shop.
- Order name plates.
- For business cards, contact the Print & Mail Center.
3. Upon Employment-
Office Logistics
- Identify office location; explain locking office and building (windows and doors).
- Explain campus mail/department mail.
- Identify kitchen area and campus dining options.
- Identify recycle bins and their uses.
- Explain copier, fax, and telephone usage; identify office supply area.

4. Upon Employment-
Additional Access

- Contact Assistant Dean to obtain Peoplesoft access and privileges if required. In an email message provide the following: employee name, Peoplesoft employee ID#, UVM netID, department #, "Reports to" employee name, "Reports to" Peoplesoft employee ID#, default chartstring and privileges needed.
- For faculty/staff access to Banner, complete the Application for Access to Banner Student Information.
- For the PurCard (UVM Purchasing Card), complete the Purchasing Card Application form.

5. Training - For calendar and email use, contact Arts and Sciences Computing Services.
- For Peoplesoft, the online Job Aids , or contact Human Resources Services.
6. Other - Explain office hours (or alternative schedule).
- Explain vacation/University holidays.
- Explain confidentiality policy.
- Explain dress standards.

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